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creating memories one stitch at a time

Life’s Stitchable Moments was born out of a love children’s fashion combined with a passion for serving children in need. I stepped away from my career as a social worker in order to stay home and raise my two boys and I cherish the moments both big and small that I get to share with them everyday. I have dedicated my business to assisting others in capturing these moments and memories through stylish, custom outfits for the sporting events, milestones, birthdays and fleeting moments that make up baby’s precious first years!

When I started Life’s Stitchable Moments, I knew that I wanted to give a portion of the profits to children in need. With a background in social work, I recognize the crucial role that access to diapers play in a child’s development and a family’s ability to sustain themselves.

Nearly 1 in 3 American families do not have the resources necessary to adequately diaper their children and government programs do not provide diapers to babies in need. These babies have no control over the financial circumstances they were born into and my heart goes out to the families who struggle daily to keep their precious little ones clean and dry.

For every $20 spent in my shop, I donate 5 diapers to help a baby in need. I send the diapers (both cloth and disposable) to a Precious Child in Broomfield Co. They are a Non-Profit organization that “provides children in need with opportunities and resources to empower them to achieve their full potential.”